Guy Farber MD

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I would like to treat my anxiety with therapy only without mediation. Can Dr. Farber help me with that?

A: Dr. Farber is a strong proponent of psychotherapy as a treatment modality, and works with many of his patients with psychotherapy. The decision of which treatment choice is best for each individual is complex, and depends on many factors including the patient's preferences, type and severity of the conditions being treated and multiple other factors. Dr. Farber performs careful evaluation with each patient and then works together with each patient to devise the best treatment plan for that person.

Q: I already have a therapist who does not prescribe medications, and my therapist recommended that I see a psychiatrist for medication evaluation. Can Dr. Farber help me with that?

A: yes.

Q: I am a patient of Dr. Farber, and I think I have an emergency. What should I do?

A: If you believe you have an emergency, please call 911 for help or go to the nearest emergency room for help. Once you do that, please contact Dr. Farber to give an update and coordinate further care.

Q: What is the appointment cancellation policy?

A: Dr. Farber strives to spend plenty of time with each patient and does not double-book appointment times in order to avoid long waits by patients prior to their visit. In order for Dr. Farber to continue providing such excellent care, please be considerate and let Dr. Farber and his staff know of any appointment cancellation as soon as possible. If such notice is not given at least 72 hours (3 days) in advance of the scheduled appointment, there is a $50 late-cancellation fee.

Q: Can I send Dr. Farber a text message to reschedule an appointment?

A: Yes. You can send a text message to the office number (516) 714-5098.

Q: what about sending an email to Dr. Farber?

A: regular email is not so secure, and not HIPAA compliant. Therefore, in order to maintain patient's confidentiality and privacy, please use vSEE messenger which is a secure, and HIPAA compliant chat app for desktop, iphone and android phones. A free version of the vSEE messenger product is available. With the vSEE messenger, you can chat via text with Dr. Farber and send files such as pdf files to Dr. Farber. Please visit your phone app store and download and install the free vSEE messenger app. Then let Dr. Farber know your account ID (usually it would be your email) so Dr. Farber will add you to his contact list. Please visit for more information.

Q: What is tele-health or tele-psychiatry, and does Dr. Farber do that?

A: Dr. Farber can see current patients via tele-health (otherwise known as tele-psychiatry, or online medicine) sessions. In a tele-health visit, Dr. Farber and the patient see and talk to one another via teleconferencing software. The software that Dr. Farber uses is the HIPA compliant secure teleconferencing software vSEE messenger. Patients can download a free version of of the vSee messenger from . In a tele-psychiatry session, patients can talk to Dr Farber while staying in the comfort of their own home.

Q: Are tele-psychiatry sessions covered by my insurance?

A: Some insurance policies DO cover tel-psychiatry services. Please call your insurance company to find out if you are covered by your insurance policy for tele-health services. If you are not, and still interested in seeing Dr Farber via tele-psychiatry services, please talk to Dr. Farber about fees for such services if paying out of pocket.

Q: Does Dr. Farber treat children?

A: No. Dr. Farber treats adults age 18 and over.